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Free 2013 & 2014 Calendar Templates, PDF & Illustrator

illustrator calendar shown with photograph.
2013 Blank Photo Template
Shown with a photograph of the
Frank Lloyd Wright Rowing Boathouse located in Buffalo, NY.
(No photographs are included in the templates).
02-13-13 Update: I added two color versions of the mini calendar. Both layouts are within one pdf file. 

These printable calendar templates are free to download and can be edited with Adobe Illustrator. I created them in Illustrator but they can be opened with any PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or Preview on the Mac. The templates are entirely free to download, but you can also choose to make a donation. Please consider doing so if you find these templates helpful. PayPal is responsible for the security of these payments, I won't ever see your credit card information.

Downloading my 2013 Calendar templates should save yourself hours of tedious work. I created the grid lines and added the dates so that you can focus on adding artwork and embellishing the design. There are currently seven templates available in Tabloid and Letter formats. The two Blank Photo Templates have the dates on the bottom half and the top half was left blank to make room for artwork or photographs. There is also what I call a Mini Calendar that has all twelve months on the left side the page and lines on the right that can be used to record notes, appointments or deadlines. The Maximum Sized Date Boxes has the largest sized date boxes that will fit on Letter sized paper.



"Outline" view of the
photo template in Illustrator
If you open the PDF with Illustrator, the text frames and lines should remain intact. I have created all of the dates within a single text frame so that the position can be adjusted without too much difficulty. The tabs control the horizontal spacing between the dates, and the leading controls the vertical line spacing. The date text frame can also be used by itself as a starting point for creating your own calendar design.

I drew a rectangle around the perimeter of the top half of the calendar so that it can be used as a clipping mask. This is useful for cropping photographs down to the proper aspect ratio so that it will fit into the top half of the calendar. Just place the photograph behind the rectangle, select the photo and the rectangle, then choose "Clipping Mask - Make" from the "Object" menu. If you get an error it is probably because the rectangle is behind the photograph. The clipping mask has to be above the object it is that you want to crop.

There is also an empty text frame below the photo area that can be used to display the title and copyright information.

Copyright / Royalties: these templates are royalty free and can be used for commercial jobs of any size. I am not responsible for any inaccuracies, please proofread before printing. By downloading these template you agree to release me from any and all legal and/or financial responsibilities.

Redistribution: Blatant copying of these templates to your website for redistribution is prohibited.



* It may be helpful to click on the thumbnail to enlarge it, and to view it against the dark background so that you can get an idea of the size of the margins.  Click on the text link below each thumbnail to download. If you have trouble printing these calendars at the correct size, you may want to read my post about printing to actual size with Adobe Acrobat.

Any suggestions or feedback can be submitted in the comments below.
Download- 2014 Calendar, Letter, Landscape
Download- 2013 Calendar, Letter, Landscape

Download- 2014 Calendar, Letter, Portrait, Top Half Blank For Photos
Download- 2013 Calendar, Letter, Portrait, Top Half Blank For Photos

Download- 2013 Calendar, Letter, Portrait, Maximum Sized Date Boxes

Download- 2014 Calendar, Letter, Portrait
Download- 2013 Calendar, Letter, Portrait

Download- 2014 Calendar, Letter, Portrait, Mini Cal- Entire Year On One Page
Download- 2013 Calendar, Letter, Portrait, Mini Cal- Entire Year On One Page

Both minical color layouts are in the pdf below

Download- 2014 Minical Color Layouts
Download- 2013 Minical Color Layouts

Download- 2014 Calendar, Tabloid, Portrait, Top Half Blank For Photos
Download- 2013 Calendar, Tabloid, Portrait, Top Half Blank For Photos

Download- 2014 Calendar, Tabloid, Portrait
Download- 2013 Calendar, Tabloid, Portrait

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