Friday, January 1, 2016

Trees and Shadows

Watercolor painting of trees at Walton Woods
Trees and Shadows
Watercolor on paper
5” x 7”
Chris Breier © 2015
The original painting is for sale. The sun was setting when I took the reference photo for this painting and that created long dramatic shadows. I captured the depth of this scene by making the trees in the distance a blurry mass of muted grays while the trees in the foreground have more definition and color. I also used gouache to create the highlights on the bark.


Nancy Murphree Davis said...

Dramatic and intriguing!

Joan Tavolott said...

Lovely start to the challenge. I like the misty look to the distant trees.

CBreier said...

Thanks Nancy!

CBreier said...

Thanks Joan!

Anonymous said...

It is really beautiful. I love how you have captured the colours, it is a great calming contrast to the wild trees :)