Monday, December 29, 2014

Buffalo Waterfront (SOLD)

watercolor painting of the waterfront in downtown Buffalo
Buffalo Waterfront
Watercolor on Strathmore watercolor paper, cold press
Chris Breier © 2014

I took the reference photo for this painting from the observation tower at the Erie Basin Marina. The large building has changed names over the years. It's currently known as "One Seneca Tower."The building in the center of the painting is a condominium known as "The Pasquale at Waterfront Place." I enjoyed painting the different textures and reflections created by the glass.

This painting started out as a pen and ink sketch that I drew without making a preliminary pencil drawing. This makes for a looser sketch where there may be multiple lines describing the same shapes. The line drawing is what creates most of the detail and this allows me to focus mostly on color when I get to the painting stage. You can watch me paint this in the YouTube video below.

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The YouTube video of this being painted below.

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