Tuesday, August 21, 2012

iPad Drawing of Niagara River

Drawing of the Niagara River as seen from Niawanda Park in Tonawanda, New York. Drawn with Adobe Ideas on an iPad
Niagara River. Drawn with Adobe Ideas.  © Chris Breier  2012
The riverwalk is a nice place to spend a day off from work! I drew this from a park bench that was strategically located underneath a tree.

One side note: Polarized sunglasses do not work well with an iPad. I turned it on and the screen was completely black–I thought I had forgot to charge it. Then I realized that the glass on the iPad must also be polarized. (If you look through two polarized pieces of glass and rotate them, they will appear to darken). I've experienced the same problem with the displays on digital cameras.

Below is a Google map of the location where I drew this.

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