Friday, February 28, 2014

Watkins Glen Boat Harbor

Watkins Glen Boat Harbor
Acrylic on paper
© Chris Breier 2014
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I’ve painted Seneca Lake many times and I never become bored with it. I think the clouds are the most successful part of the painting. I got the colors of them just right with the muted blue/purple and the brighter warm whites on the tops. The sky can often be the most difficult part of a painting because sometimes there’s nothing interesting going on in the sky and I have to exaggerate or fabricate what’s there. The other problem is that the clouds and color gradations have to look spontaneous and not too fussed over.

Some of the motivation for creating this painting was an experiment to try to give the impression of a boat harbor without going into all of the minute details of every single boat. I did pick out a few of them and some details. This is always the challenge- to keep the painting spontaneous and yet capture enough detail to make it look believable.

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