Saturday, February 28, 2015

Liberty Building

Watercolor painting of the liberty building in downtown buffalo
Liberty Building
8” x 10”
Chris Breier © 2015
The original painting is available.
Click "Read more" to watch the YouTube demo video for this painting. 
I had doubts about this painting while I was working on it, but then I was thrilled with it when it was done. My goal was to paint it in a loose manner without getting bogged down in the details. This is more difficult than it sounds because you have to figure out what the essential shapes are and ignore the tendency to paint every little window and decoration; a large brush works well for this. I prefer a round with a fine tip because it will also allow me to paint into the tight corners without having to switch brushes.

I was reading about the history of the Liberty Building on Wikipedia and I never realized that the two sculptures on top it are replicas of the Statue of Liberty, and that they’re 36 feet tall.

You might also be interested in my iPad drawing of the Liberty Building.

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