Friday, September 15, 2017

Botanical Gardens Golf Course

A painting of the park behind the Erie County Botanical Gardens.
Botanical Gardens Golf Course
Acrylic on gessobord
Chris Breier © 2017
Last winter I visited the Erie County Botanical gardens and when I was finished touring the greenhouses I explored the grounds outside which includes a golf course. There's also a few ponds that attract ducks and Canadian geese.

There wasn't any snow on the ground but it was still cold and very windy. It wasn't very pleasant for photography, but I still managed to get a few good reference photos to work from. I focused on the mix of trees in the foreground and the strip of bright green grass in the background. I simplified some of the branches to strengthen the design and to create a bold pattern.


SharonKullberg said...

This is nice. It reminds me of stained glass. Also of the Bizarro's - you'd have to have been reading Superman comics in the early 60's to know what I'm talking about. But it's striking and beautifully executed!

CBreier said...

Thanks Sharon! Stain glass...yep. Bizarro is before my time, but I do remember Seinfeld referenced it a number of times. I will have to check it out.