Saturday, February 1, 2020

Pink Rose

The original painting is available.
This is the third painting that is from the bouquet of flowers that I bought a few weeks ago. When I buy flowers I like to photograph them in a variety of settings so that I can get more than one painting from it.

For example, I took the rose from the bouquet and put it in a different vase.

I like this thin vase and I thought that a single, bright pink rose would be striking. I wanted a simple but background that would make the rose stand out.

You can watch me paint this in the YouTube video below. 

I photographed it on a table using natural sunlight. I like how the shadow of the rose provides information about the shape of the small leaves on the stem.

Next week, I may paint something other than flowers just to make things more interesting for myself.

Pink Rose
Chris Breier © 2020
Acrylic on canvas board

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