Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Green Pepper Halves

Black and white still life drawing of green pepper halves, drawn with Adobe Ideas.
"Green Pepper Halves" Chris Breier © 2012
This is the second pepper drawing that I've created using Adobe Ideas. The first was a full color green pepper drawing. I thought I would try to mimic a traditional pen and ink drawing using Adobe Ideas, and I've found that it works rather well.


I began this drawing by making a quick and  loose sketch of the basic shapes using a fine line. I wasn't worried about making mistakes because I knew that I would be working back into it with heavier cross hatching that would hide these finer lines.
Cross hatching can be tedious but it does seem to go faster on the iPad because I can focus on the drawing without having to dip the pen into ink, or worry about unwanted spatters. As the drawing progressed I wasn't sure how to handle the background. I thought about using cross hatching but I quickly realized that it would look to busy, and that it would be a better strategy to spend most of my time working on the subject matter.  I used a solid gray background in my drawing of peanuts in a shell and I thought that a solid black background would make the peppers stand out more and give the drawing a bold and graphic look. What's great about Adobe Ideas is that the end result is a vector drawing that can be enlarged without reducing the image quality.

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