Saturday, March 14, 2020

Granny Smith With Bottle

This Granny Smith apple has been sitting on my cupboard for about a week now.

The original painting is for sale.

These apples are fairly tart but they go well with my oatmeal. I slice them up and add it to the oats and then microwave it on high for a few minutes. Cinnamon and flax meal are a good addition too.

I like to think that the glass bottle in the painting is an empty cinnamon spice bottle.

Sometimes, when I'm in a hurry,  I'll add in a few frozen blueberries to help cool it down after it’s done cooking in the microwave-they’re like mini ice cubes. I frequently eat oats for breakfast because it’s a convenient and yet tasty breakfast.

I like the contrast between the bright green apple and the bright orange background. Many of my paintings have this warm orange background. I guess I'm drawn to lively colors which helps to make things more interesting.
Granny Smith With Bottle
Acrylic on canvas board
Chris Breier © 2020
You may notice that this painting is thicker and has more texture than usual. This is partly because it’s fun to try new things, but I'm also working on a blog post about how to make acrylics thicker.

I mixed in some Liquitex Super Heavy Body gloss gel into my paint to make it thicker than usual. The gel not only makes the paint thicker, it gives it a glossy finish. It still looks wet even after it dries.

The gloss helps to bring out the saturated colors too.

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