Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pine Cone Drawing

ipad drawing of a pine cone, drawn with adobe ideas
"Pine cone" Chris Breier © 2012

Prints and Greeting cards of this are available.

This was drawn with Adobe Ideas on an iPad. It started out as a "simple sketch" but I then I became engrossed in the coloring of it. 

I reached a point where I realized that it needed to be a sketch or a finished painting, but not both. So I turned off the line drawing layer and I realized that it would be more effective as a finished painting. Pine cones have an incredible amount of detail and this naturally makes it a challenging drawing exercise. The next time you're trying to decide "what to draw" get yourself a pine cone and start drawing!

If you like this you may be interested in my acrylic painting of a pine cone or more of my  iPad Art

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