Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lake Street Elmira NY

“Lake Street, Elmira NY”
Acrylic on paper
2.5” x 3.5”
Chris Breier 2013©

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My goal when I work on a painting is to try something new and learn from it. With this painting I used unbleached titanium for my white instead of the regular titanium white. Unbleached titanium is an off white (it's sometimes called Buff Titanium, it depends upon the manufacturer). The off white color of the unbleached titanium adds a warmth to the lighter colors and highlights. I also used cool colors in the shadows to contrast the warm tones of the sunlit areas.

I didn’t know what this building was when I took the reference photo for this painting but with a little research I found out that it’s the Lake Street Presbyterian Church.

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