Wednesday, July 2, 2014

This blog is now entirely about my artwork

If you're looking for a post about Applescript, Illustrator, or you're simply looking for free calendar templates, or graph paper templates: don't worry, these have been moved to my other blog  Script Depot

Unfortunately Blogger does not allow me to redirect you to another domain but you can use the search feature at  Script Depot to find the post you're looking for. If the search tool doesn't seem to help you find what you're looking for then simplify the search terms. For example "calendar templates" returned no results but when I reduced the search terms to "calendar" it returned the post I was looking for.

The reason for this change

My blog originally included all of my interests but as it grew I realized that this probably wasn't a great experience for the reader. The readers who follow this blog for my artwork were probably wondering what AppleScript is. It also follows that people who are looking for my AppleScripts would have to put up with my many posts about painting and artwork, something that they're probably not interested in.

Sorry for any inconvenience. 

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