Saturday, August 16, 2014

An Afternoon at Canandaigua Lake

Ink drawing of the boathouses at Canandaigua Lake
"An Afternoon at Canandaigua Lake"
Ink on watercolor paper

I have painted the historic boathouses on Canandaigua Lake before but I thought I would try working in black and white this time. I enjoy drawing in ink because it allows me to exaggerate the tonal ranges more than I can with color. I left the white of the paper for the plastic chairs and I used this as an effective counterpoint to the pure black shadows of the boathouses on the right. 

There's a time lapse video of the entire drawing process below (click read more). You’ll notice that I start drawing directly and ink and don’t bother with sketching it out in pencil. I don’t worry about making mistakes because I just draw right over them. These corrections can make the drawing more interesting because of the additional lines but sometimes the the mistakes are covered up by the subsequent washes of ink. 

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