Thursday, September 3, 2015

Canandaigua (SOLD)

Acrylic painting of Candandaigua lake
Kershaw Park, Canandaigua
Acrylic on Gessobord
Chris Breier © 2015
This is the view of Canandaigua Lake from Kershaw Park. I started this painting with thin transparent washes of acrylic and then I built up the colors in areas with more opaque layers of paint. The challenge was getting the values of hills correct so that it would create a sense of depth. In the distance there are a few sail boats.

If you’re old enough, you may remember that this was the site of the Roseland Amusement Park. The park closed in 1985 but according to Wikipedia, the Skyliner rollercoaster was moved to Lakemont Park in Pennsylvania. The carousel also survived; it was moved to the Carousel Center Mall in Syracuse NY and was fully restored.

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