Friday, July 15, 2016

Island Park Entrance

A watercolor painting of the bridge at island park in williamsville ny
Island Park Entrance
Ink and watercolor on paper
5" x 7"
Chris Breier © 2016

The original painting is for sale. I didn't have much time to complete this sketch of Island Park. The sun was setting and the scene would change dramatically as soon as the sun sets below the trees. My brother and I were on our way to pick up dinner and it was getting late. I walked around the park looking for subject matter to paint and I settled on this location where the path curves off into the distance. I started with the quick pencil sketch to make sure the proportions and the placement of the shapes was correct. When I was satisfied with the drawing I inked it with a micron pen and immediately put in some washes of color in the sky.

As you can see from the winter coat and the glove on my left hand, this painting was from April of this year. The cold weather didn't stop the mosquitoes from buzzing around my head. The good thing about the cold weather is the extra clothing provides a lot of extra pockets to stuff art supplies into!

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