Saturday, March 28, 2020

Bottles & Apple

I normally paint with realistic colors, but for this painting I decided to invent a bold color scheme. The original painting is for sale, click the button below to view the auction.


If you watch the video you will see that I start by painting the canvas with Quinacridone Magenta which is a vivid and bold pink. I also use a little bit of Cadmium Orange.

I allow some of the magenta to show through in certain areas of the painting and this adds a bit of vibrancy to the painting. I especially like how it looks next to the greens in the apple.

Bottles & Apple
Acrylic on canvas board
Chris Breier © 2020
Using my own color schemes allows me to be more create with the painting process. It's not so much about matching colors but about infusing the painting with a mood.

I'm thinking of exploring the use of color more in future paintings. Let me know what you think in the comments!


laurelle said...

Love the vibrancy of this, Chris!

CBreier said...

Thanks Laurelle! I think I may paint like this more often. It’s more fun when I invent my own color schemes.