Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Early Morning At Island Park

Acrylic painting of a tree at Island park, Williamsville NY
Early Morning At Island Park
Acrylic on Raymar canvas panel
8" x 10"
Chris Breier © 2017
On this particular morning, I decided to take a walk at Island Park. The sun was up and it was the beginning of a hot summer day. There are a number of areas of the park that would make a good painting but what attracted me to this spot was how the sun changed the appearance of the water. The area in direct sun reveals the muddy color of the water and the shadow areas reflect the blue-green color of the trees in the background.

I also enjoyed painting the tree, I used a little bit of impasto on the tree trunk (impasto is when the paint is applied in a thick manner to create texture). I used daubs of various shades of green to paint the foliage.

The original painting is for sale through email $160 plus $10 shipping.

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