Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Aurene Lane West, Corning NY - SOLD

Aurene Lane West, Corning NY
acrylic on wood panel 3/4" thick (cradled)
Chris Breier © 2017

What I like most about visiting the glass museum in Corning NY is watching live glass blowing demonstrations. On my last trip to the museum, I realized that the demos at the end of the day were more elaborate than usual. I don't know if this was an official program or something the glass artists did to alleviate the boredom of making simple vases all day long. During one of these extended demonstrations I watched two of the glass blowers collaborate on making a very large platter that contained a lot extra details. Glassblowing is a fascinating medium, there are numerous inventive techniques for creating shapes in glass and I'm always surprised at how they arrive at the final design.

When the demonstration was over, I walked around Corning. I strolled down West Market Street which seems to be the "Main street" of Corning. I then turned down Aurene Lane West to head back to the hotel and the sun was setting. The brick buildings were a bright orange which reminded me of the colors of a Western landscape. I may have had Western themed paintings on my mind because I had viewed a number of landscape paintings at the Rockwell Museum earlier in the day.

The edges of the panel are painted


SharonKullberg said...

Beautiful and striking. I love your definitive paint strokes in the sky.

CBreier said...

Thanks Sharon! It took a number of tries to get the sky to look like it was painted spontaneously.

laurelle said...

This is stunning, Chris, the warm colors of the beautifully painted buildings against a very interesting sky