Sunday, June 29, 2014

Grand Island Bridge

A black and white drawing of the South Grand Island Bridge
Grand Island Bridge
Pen and Ink on watercolor paper
Chris Breier ©2014
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This ink drawing is the view of the South Grand Island Bridge from Niawanda Park.

Below is a time lapse video of me working on this drawing. You'll notice that I don't draw with pencil first, I start with the pen and just draw over any mistakes that I make. Also, in the beginning you can see me making hatch marks where the important shapes are located and then connect them.

I stopped the video when I thought it was done but then I decided that it would look more dramatic if I darkened the bridge so that it was in silhouette. I think this could be Framed Ink influencing me. It's more suited for comic book artists or storyboard artists but it has a lot tips about composition, using negative space and other topics that apply to the visual arts.

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