Friday, April 24, 2015

Knife, Onion, Water

A still life painting of a glass of water, onion, and a knife on a table painted in acrylic
Knife, Onion, Water
8” x10”
Acrylic on archival gessobord
The original painting is available.
I set this still life up early in the morning when the sun was coming in through my kitchen window. I created an impromptu still life with the objects that I found laying around. I chose the objects for the variety of textures and surfaces. I enjoy painting silver reflections, transparent glass, and wood tones.

Capturing the transparency of the glass and the abstract pattern of shapes of the reflections is a fun challenge. The point of view is from slightly above the table and I adjusted the blinds to create an interesting pattern of light. The glass of water appears in a few of my other paintings.

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