Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Acrylic Works 4

The front and back cover of the book Acrylicworks 4
My painting "Early Spring" is on the back cover of Acrylicworks 4
The theme of AcrylicWorks 4 is "color" and there are many fine examples of a variety of approaches of using color in an acrylic painting found in this book. I was thrilled to see my painting reproduced in multiple locations throughout the book, including on the back cover–It's an honor to have my painting highlighted in such prominent locations. There are 127 paintings in this book which are grouped into five categories: Landscapes and Scenes, Portraits and People, Still Lifes and More, Abstractions, Animals.

In the caption for "Early Spring" I discuss how I use acrylics in a transparent manner similar to watercolor and how I also take advantage of the thicker more opaque properties of acrylics. When acrylic paint is used transparently it takes on more saturated and brilliant appearance that's similar to watercolor. When used in an opaque and thick manner, it can be used to cover over previous brushstrokes or to fix mistakes. 

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