Saturday, April 4, 2020

Bottles With Turquoise

I like experimenting with my own color schemes. So in this painting I started by toning the canvas with turquoise.

I don't actually have turquoise in my set of Golden OPEN acrylics but I was able to mix my own. You can mix a fairly good turquoise by mixing Phthalo Blue with a little bit of yellow and white.

Matching colors to reality can be satisfying but it can also be limiting. Realistic paintings contain a lot of neutral colors.

Turquoise is not a color that you often see in nature, at least not in my area.

The background contains small specks of green that show through the orange. The cool green against the warm orange creates a vibrancy that's difficult to achieve any other way.

Bottles With Turquoise
Acrylic on canvas
Chris Breier © 2020

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